Site revamp!

Site revamp!

Welcome to the revamped !! This url has served as the home of publications for a number of years now, but I decided it was time to... evolve! Until now the site has basically been a static page with information about the books we published, but from now on I want to share my kendo book passion a little bit more.

This evolved site aims to introduce information about some of my favourite kendo books as well as act as a second-hand kendo-related book shop of sorts (and perhaps occasionally other antique items as well). I will refer to them as the BOOKSHELF and the BOOKSHOP respectively. Don't worry - will remain the main repository for kendo knowledge and commentary!

My rationale for starting the bookshop is that I have so many books here in my house that I  don't need anymore, and I hate to see them lie in a cupboard unloved and collecting dust. So why not find them a good owner? I do realise that most kenshi 24/7 readers don't speak Japanese and probably have no interest in buying them, but that's cool - this is just a niche hobby of mine, I am not doing this to become rich.

I've also had quite a few requests for photography prints over the years, but I never found time to deal with the requests. Hopefully I will slowly add in the possibility to pick up prints or maybe other items as well.

Anyway, let's see how things evolve.


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