Nito-ryu o kataru

Nito-ryu o kataru

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Today's addition to the bookshop is a comprehensive hardback volume dedicated to Nito-ryu. First, here is the basic book information:

Title: 二刀流を語る
English title: A discussion on Nito-ryu
Author: 吉田精顯 (Yoshida Seiken)
Published: 1941
Condition: Excellent. There is a mark where a sticker may have been on the cover. However, it seems to missing it's box.
Selling price: 8,000 JPY (postage included / PayPal only)
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Before I start, although I've owned the book for years, I must admit I know nothing about the author, nor have I read the book past the introduction. I am not a nito-ryu kendoka, and never will be. This is exactly why I am offering up this (seemingly) first edition version for sale - it's wasted sitting unread on my shelf collecting dust.

The book starts with explaining it's mission: to educate people on what Nito-ryu is and discuss its practice/execution. After which there are 17 pages of kamae illustrations. Following the illustrations is the book proper: 56 chapters (all in Japanese) discussing everything related to Nito-ryu that you could imagine (including interesting chapters like "Is nito-ryu heresy?", "Is nito-ryu difficult to learn?").

Check out a couple of pictures below:  

Lovely illustrations and descriptions of kamae
The book is in dense, pre-war Japanese