Dai Nippon Gekken Kai

Dai Nippon Gekken Kai

SOLD: sorry, this item was already purchased

Back in 2018 I wrote an article on kenshi 24/7 detailing my chance discovery of a kendo-related Ukiyo-e and my luck in actually purchasing it. Well, much to my shock, earlier this year I managed to discover and get my hands on a second copy. Before we go on, here are the details:

Title: 大日本撃剣会
English title: Nipon Kokoku Tokei Kenjitsu Kuwai
Printed: 1873
Condition: apart from a few insect bites, very good
Selling price: 80,000 JPY (postage included)

(Note that the print includes both Japanese as well as the Latin Alphabet. One doesn't match the other.)

The Ukiyo-e is a "three sheet continuous" style image, which means three separate woodblocks were used to create a single print. If you place all three together it looks like this:

All three prints placed side-by-side

( this item is no longer available so the rest of the article has been removed )