is the publishing side of the popular online kendo magazine Both websites are run from Osaka, Japan, by George McCall – a high school kendo coach and classical Japanese swordsmanship student.

Teikoku Kendo Kyohon

The Kendo Textbook of Imperial Japan

Witten by one of the foremost kenshi of the 20th century Ogawa Kinnosuke sensei, the Teikoku Kendo Kyohon (The Kendo Textbook of Imperial Japan) was originally published in 1932, then revised and re-published in 1937. Here, for the first time in any language other than Japanese, we are proud to present a complete translation of the revised version.

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Kendo Reader

Kendo Tokuhon

Witten by the celebrated kenshi Noma Hisashi and published posthumously in 1939, The Kendo Reader is a true kendo classic. Here, for the first time in any language other than Japanese, we are proud to present the book in its entirety.

Although the shape of kendo has evolved in the 75 years since the initial publication, the book’s content has barely aged and is still highly relevant to kendo practitioners today. Not only kendoka, however, the book will prove interesting to martial arts practitioners across various disciplines and to those interested in Japanese martial arts history and theory.

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Kendo Coaching Tips and Drills

The worlds only advanced kendo coaching book

Kendo Coaching Tips and Drills is the culmination of years worth of study, experimentation, coaching, writing, and of-course lots and lots (and lots) of keiko.

The book – unlike any other available in the English language – primarily aims to be a coaching aid for new-mid level teachers, or for those who aim to teach in the near future. Its also a very useful reference for less-experienced kendo practitioners, and provides more experienced instructors with new ideas.

The 76 page book – in beautiful A4 magazine and digital formats – is packed with lots of fundamental kendo teaching tips and tricks, as well as illustrated by high resolution photographs taken in Japan.

Since initial publication in 2012, the printed book has been shipped out all over the world – to every continent save Antarctica – and has received tremendous reviews.

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